We are committed to helping support those in need withing the shooting community as well as the extended friends & families of our fellow shooters. 
In 2019 we started a new program called Helping Hands. This is a non for profit program where we match customer donated funds, these funds are used to help those in need within the shooting community.
We invite our customers to add a $1 donation with any order and we will the donation up to $2,500 a year. The funds are utilized for fundraisers as well as emergency situations helping our fellow shooters and their families in a time of need. We never know when that time may be so we want to be prepared and not rush together a last minute benefit.
Together we can achieve greatness and help our own shooting friends and family. 
Sponsorship opportunity available 2020 Helping Hands T-Shirts
Advertise your business within the shooting community, business owners can buy advertisements on the 2020 shirts through Dec 1 2019. All profits from shirt sales go directly into the Helping Hands Program.
We would like to partner with shooting houses as well in 2019/2020 to help raise funds Any shooting house that wishes to run a 50/50 donation drive round will be listed on the 2020 T Shirt as an advertiser. 
Donations can be made through the website or PayPal or by Check or Money order Payable to Choke Express (Memo Helping Hands Program)  
If you need help raising funds use the Contact Us Tab on the right side of the homepage and we will be happy to do what we can for you. 
Thank you all, Dave Tubbs