- December 9th 2020 -

Today we are proud to announce that we are with a new payment processor that is a pro 2A / firearms industry friend. Thank you to Mike and staff at Electronic Transfer Inc. for your urgency to get the check out system up and operating again. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

As many of you know our payment processing was unjustly shut down over the holiday weekend, not only did the payment processor that we conducted business with for the last 27 months without issue shut the system down, they have also opted to retain all sales funds from the time period citing "excessive risk" due to our industry. The sales funds over the weekend were deposited into a " reserve account" all $17,219.91. They claim that they need to withhold these funds due to the increase risk of returns due to "covid-19". These funds are to be held for 180 days to 270 days without interest. Here is the kicker, if a return is actually issued the return will be withdrawn from our business checking account and not the reserve that has been setup "to protect us from returns and chargebacks". The reality is this is outright theft from a major international payment processor. I am currently working on putting together all of the information to go after them in court as that seems to be the only option that will get their attention. This happened at an inopportune time for the business as we have already suffered greatly due to forced shutdowns this year. But like I said before, we are strong, we will fight this and we will continue to move forward.

Your business means more to us than it ever has, this bad deal doesn't only effect us it effects you as well. Due to dealing with this, I canceled/delayed our planned December promotion as I had planned announce a special year end December to Remember Giveaway on December 1st, which consisted of us giving away a new 2020 Gunworks G2 (212) rail frame.

We will be sending out an email regarding details to this promotion likely this weekend.


CNC UPDATE! Our ship date is December 17th, so the new Choke & Action machine should be here in time for Christmas.


Lastly, shipping.... USPS in Ohio is currently hit hard with the rona as well as the holiday season. shipping is taking much longer than it normally takes. If you have a package on order we are processing shipments however it is taking far more time for them to get to their destinations than normal. Priority is taking up to 2 weeks and First class can be up to 3 weeks or more. Even Express is taking up to a week. I will look into transitioning to UPS/ FedEx if this trend continues. This weekend I will add UPS and FedEx shipping options on the checkout however these options will come at a cost and even the $99 free shipping will not apply, however I will work on discounting the rates.


Once again thank you all for your business.

Dave Tubbs


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