Choke Express is a Turkeyshoot / Paper Target / Benchrest Shotgun eCommerce marketplace and informational collective community, our goal is to provide top quality products at reasonable prices as well as rapid order fulfillment, and product development, we keep over 1,000 chokes in stock so from the time you place your order its delivered to your mailbox within just a few days.
We are working diligently to increase the exposure of the sport to bring in new participants, builders, manufacturers as well as sponsors. This shooting community as a collective is a prime example of the kind, compassionate hobbyist gun world community coming together at competitions across the country and competing in a safe, fun, family friendly atmosphere while teaching younger generations proper gun safety as well how to win and lose respectively. Well at least we try too.
Choke Express was founded in August 2018 by Dave Tubbs, of Gunworks. 
The Tubbs family has played a key role in the modernization of the Turkeyshoot world through the development and launch of in 1997 this was the first online collective community of participants engaging in discussions, buying, selling,trading and expanding business outreach as well as bringing shooters from different regions into areas that were previously unknown. Ultimately giving not only shooters access to new builders and products at their fingertips, but exposure to shooting houses and everything in-between. The platform wasn't exclusively beneficial to just shooters everyone on the business side from the builders to the houses also benefited greatly to the at that time a radical idea. Here we are 20+ years from that original internet adventure and we are expanding into new territory yet again by increasing the accessibility to products as well as overall exposure of the sport as a whole, bringing it into your hands where ever you may be,  as well as bringing national branded companies with us. We will continue to do all we can to lead the way into the future of the sport. We look forward to near and distant future and we look forward to serving and helping you get the knowledge and products you need to succeed.
Choke Express is prime retailer of products related to the target shooting industry, we offer products from Gunworks, Ithaca-Gunworks, Ithaca Gun Company, Pro-Shot Products,  Konus Optics, Bushnell, Rifle Basix, Timney Triggers, Burris Optics, Ghost Chokes, Dark Side Chokes, as well as other private hobbyists and builders alike. If you would like to submit products for manufacturing, or if you'd like to utilize our modern, efficient direct to market eCommerce platform to increase your product sales and brand visibility please send us an email We are open to helping you expand your brand visibility within this niche marketplace.