Choke Express Manufactured Limited Liability Product Warranty
-Shotgun Chokes-
All chokes designated with
Manufactured/Distributed by Choke Express
Purchased through come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty against product defect. If at anytime during the eligible period your product has a manufacturing defect we will email you a shipping return label and when we receive the product back we will inspect it and issue a replacement. 
This warranty does not cover dropped chokes or rolled chokes due to seating issues or improper installation or the damages occurred due to improper install.
As a consumer it is your responsibility to inspect your equipment and maintain that it is in a safe functional condition. We manufacture our chokes on modern CNC equipment and we inspect them to ensure each product that goes into our inventory maintains a high level of product quality however there are aspects that we do not control and that is why we offer this product warranty. 
AUGUST 29, 2019